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Trails are maintained as frequently as possible, however we rely on daily users to let managers know where there are problems.  Please let us know if there are issues to address.  Contact us!

Things to Know before you Go

Many of the qualities that make the Downeast region an appealing place to visit such as extraordinary scenic beauty, extensive conserved and undeveloped lands, distance from the crowds and dramatic tides create unique challenges. 

Some particular concerns in this region are:

  • Lack of cell phone reception.  If you choose to hike with a mobile device, please be sure that you have downloaded the necessary maps to your device before heading to the trail.  Cell phone reception is spotty and unreliable.
  • Large tidal range.  The tide changes quickly (as much as 20 feet) and can quickly strand hikers who are not paying attention. 
  • Strong ocean currents.  It is best to leave playing in the currents to the experienced seals and wildlife.  Please paddle or boat with an experienced local guide. 
  • Cold ocean temperatures.  Cold waters are beautiful to look at but can induce hypothermia quickly. 
  • Cool temperatures on the coast.  The coast is often cooler and windier than inland areas.  Often a great day at the beach in June involves a fleece jacket and a knit hat. 
  • Rocky cliffs.  Some trails traverse atop rocky cliffs that fall away steeply to the ocean.  Rocky cliffs can be uneven and slippery when wet, please watch your step and keep an eye on children.
  • Uneven and wet trails.  Past glacial activity and shallow soils mean many roots and rocks are exposed on the trail surface.  Soils drain poorly and may cause wet conditions on trails.
  • Slippery surfaces.  Wooden bog bridging walkways and rocks may be slippery when wet. 
  • Rapid changes in weather.  This region is known for foggy conditions created by proximity to deep cold ocean waters.  Some days you'll start your hike with sun and be greeted by fog near the ocean. 
  • Cobscook Trails is an international partnership.  A passport is needed to cross the international border.
  • The Cobscook Trails region spans two time zones.  The Maine is in Eastern Time Zone and Canada (including Campobello Island) is in Atlantic Time Zone, which is one hour later than Eastern Time.  Please note that cell phones and other electronic devices may read Atlantic Time when in Eastern Maine. 
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